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♥ Shops to RENT ♥

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                                         ♥ Are you looking for a small sized shop to rent ♥

      We have a few extra shops that need to be rented out in a cute little sim. We currently have a club with is situated at the                              front of the shops and the landing point is in the middle of the shopping area on a little patio area.

                                         ♥ - Shops are $200L per week with a prim limit of 30, they are small but cute shops.

                                               We also have adboards avalaible for freelancers/any other purposes


                                                                                  ♥ - Large Ad Boards - $300L per week

                                                                                  ♥ - Smaller Ad Boards - $200L per week

                           If you are interested in renting a shop or the building for your wants or needs or an ad board,
                                       please dont hesitate to send me an IM @ jessxx94 and we can discuss it further
                                                                                   and I can give you a small tour around. 

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