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Rental Options in the Community of Catawissa - NEW REGION ADDED

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L$400/week gets you a 3 level Brownstone Townhome.
L$200/week to L$400/week gets you a beautiful modern apartment in one of the nicest tower builds in SL.
L$200/week to L$300/week gets you an urban, older style walk-up apartment in the center of town.
PLUS, many single family home options to choose from. All of our residences offer you the flexibility to add on prims if your needs require it. 

**If you are looking to make a move and like the idea of being in a nice, peaceful, no lag community, we're ready for you!

All of this is in a beautiful small town community surrounded by pools, parks, creek, playgrounds, a [ L I F E ] store, Super Burger Catawissa Diner, schools, and a family friendly carnival. 

Regardless of where you work, hang-out, or roleplay in SL, your home should be a nice peaceful place to enjoy and entertain in. We offer several options for singles, couples and families of all sizes. Come check out our offerings of single family homes, townhomes, walkup and modern tower apartment living or furnished motel living. 

Search for Catawissa Center in SL or drop by the landing zone in Catawissa City Hall. Grab a notecard on available properties, join the group, and let us help you get to exactly the residential experience you want. 

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