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Here for new friends and discuss Project Sansar

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CallumYorkieLad wrote:

If you haven't heard of Project Sansar it's basically Linden Labs next second life platform. 

I don't see many people discussing it and I'm pretty excited about it since seeing the new photos.

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If your excitement is based upon Sansar being the "next second life platform", I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed.


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There aren't a lot of people discussing Sansar because there's nothing to discuss. It sounds like LL is making a game engine and are targeting digital artists and programmers to develop content for it. While some SL users would find that of interest, we aren't defacto LL's audience for the platform.


At this point, all we know is that there is something called Sansar, that it won't be replacing SL, and that it isn't being directed towards SL users. Beyond that, no one really knows anything.

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