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Crooked Sheriff needed.

Jezabell Barbosa

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Our project is looking to fill the role of
Crooked Sheriff of our county.

The person for this position will have experience in RP and some HUD based combat systems. You will be responsible for maintaining some semblance of order over an entire county. You will not be the ultimate authority but act in concert with the others in authority on the sim. You can maintain an office and in time recruit a few deputies. You will be crooked/dirty/on the take and have no problems being paid off and abusing your power, on occasion. You will have current a looking avatar, understand the basic rules of RP, be articulate and well spoken, have no issues with OOC in its proper place, be okay with voice (you do not have to speak if not comfortable), show respect to other players. *A good computer and good Internet access is vital to this position*

Who we are:
We are a group of old timer RPers on a new adventure. This project is one of longevity and meticulous detail. The sim is fully funded and personally owned (not rented). The group of Rpers on this project have been working on one project or another for the past 8 years.

The project is not yet complete, however we are looking player who is a good fit with the team and can mesh their ICLY story into the fabric of our project. You will have an amazing time!

Human Avatars only.
Female avatars encouraged to apply.
Our interview consists of casually meeting and Rping with one of the team.
If called back, we would expect you to spend time getting to know the team before any final decision is made.


Please contact (inworld) 

peyton darmoset

Jezabell Barbosa

courtney jordan







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