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I had another question I know there is little point in posting it here but.....  before anyone says Lindens dont look at these forums I know they do! ^^

For weeks now my club since it has become more and more popular is getting the attention of griefers several a week,

they using graphics cards crashers but last night after some one used a graphics crasher and was quickly caught out before my host crashed and banned the person, they came back later we assume with alts and friends this time spammed the chat and then used a sim crasher this time.

When is LL going to do something to stop this? griefers drive people out of sl and effects bushiness etc not to mention crashing sims could damage that sim if it happens a lot? I dunno if servers crash a lot can there be data corruption/loss?

Phoebe Avro

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Thx for your reply, I had thought of that but since we get a lot of new residents and many of them stay and become regulars I didn't really want to do that , our club is famous for being a very friendly place for everyone, its been going for 7 years now and we never had much problem up until a few months ago, but we made some changes, more sets more staff and really worked hard to make the club better than it was and it has worked very well.

I guess its the price you have to pay! we also have some problems with rp hud users, one of the makers of a rp game actually modded his system so it wont work in our region and that was very nice of him, He said he didn't want his system to get a bad name and that's great. others though have not been so nice^^ lol.

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