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Hi, Arden.

I just came across this. I'm surprised no one else has given you some suggestions.

Furrillen is arguably the most photographed location is SL. I believe if you start a flickr photo account you're required to go there an take a photo. j/k


There a tons of beaches. Black Basalt beach is nice.


A city sim I like is PSY city.


A good scifi sim is Insilico (the best scifi sim?).


You can find some nice spots in my feed and on my flickr feed, though I don't always put the loc in my flickr photos:



Ziki Questi has a great blog dedicated to new places. She a great person to follow.


Her partner Kinn runs a blog dedicated to mainland places.


And look in the flickr group Beautiful Places in SL. there should be slurls attached to every photo.


Have fun exploring!

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Thanks for the reply Myra. I do have a Flickr account and been adding photos but I seem to be short on finding places to go. I follow a few blogs and they list some interesting places as well. I was hoping for replies to get new idea...oh well. I will try out the places you listed. And again thank you.

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