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Seeking financial backer for Blackthorn Academy!


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Blackthorn is a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly, and highly RP-based private high school that will be opening in mid-May. We are currently seeking a dependable and long-term financial backer! To its financial backer, Blackthorn offers:


  • An amazing castle setting to RP in
  • The position of Dean of Students
  • An office that you may decorate
  • A safe and family-friendly RP community

All we ask in return is that you pay our rental tier!

If you are interested in becoming Blackthorn Academy's financial backer, please send a notecard bettycrockercorp Resident! 

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Err, I suppose "You contribute financially to a sim and thus gain an administrative position, a hand in the creative direction of the sim, and a great place to build an RP community/character" would be more accurate. As well as being a founding member of a RP community with a heck of a lot of potential! :) 

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as long that doesn't bring any L$ back to the investment it's still "you play i pay"


if you really need a investor, make a business plan, with the real profits for the one who goes hand you the finances.

Don't forget to add a time table when the first real profits are expected.

And how you;r going to schedule back payment for the initial start up.


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