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Special offer: 5.500 L$/w for the first 4 weeks - then 7000 L$/w

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                                    *********** 3750 prims Homestead sim **********
                  * Land price: L$1 - tier L$5.500/w. for first 4 weeks -  then 7.000/w

* Full standalone sim, 65536 sqm, 3750 prims

* Choose the terrain that you like from our collection for free

* Estate Manager rights

* Full rights including reselling the land

* No covenant at all, you can put you own covenant after getting the land

* Tier to be paid to Payment panel in "Bell Estates" in L$ or via paypal

*For more info talk to Aviva Sparta, angel4sky Shepherd, Hope87 Dreamscape or Bell BellEstates.




Teleport to Office Bell Estates


Teleport to Elegance Land

Teleport to vinefields

Teleport to Omega Paradise

Teleport to ChAoSmOs

Teleport to Reborn

Teleport to Valparaiso

Teleport to Healing Waters

Teleport to Phoenix Resort

Teleport to Foxfort Island

Teleport to Sunny Park





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