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L$87 p/m (av. L$20 a week) 48sqm waterfront


L$87 per month rent or L$680 sale, 48 sqm mainland waterfront.



L$87 per month (averages L$20 per week).

This property is a small, low-prim, low-cost option. It would suit some who doesn't need a lot of furniture, but would like a place to dress, spend time with a special person, and/or explore the mainland waterways. It has a nice view as it is right on the water.

Mainland 48 sqm (4 x 12 m)

Two-storey cottage with two balconies


Large chair with singles and couples animations

Privacy (no avatar from outside the cottage can see avatars inside the cottage nor read their local chat, and vice versa)

The entire parcel has a total of 10 prims/LI, and what I have placed here uses up 8 of those prims/LI. So that leaves 2 prims/LI left over for you to rez shopping boxes, etc. Anything can be removed or replaced, though. You can use your 10 prims/LI however you would like. 

This residence would not suit everyone, but it would suit someone looking for an inexpensive option.



A 48 sqm water-surrounded moderate-rated parcel with a Linden-protected waterfront is for sale for L$680. I have made a two-storey house to fit on it which you may keep, or place something of your own. Uncheck the "See and chat" box for privacy. Total prims/LI = 10. If you haven't used up your tier limit then it would make a good second-residence, rental property, boat shed, advertising space or a small shop.


I invite you to come and take a look in-world. It is a small space with a low prim/LI count. Please contact Bee Nexen with any questions, or if you wish to rent it.




For information about other rental options, please visit my showroom:



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