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Looking for SL friends (age 18 to 29 in RL)


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HI! My names is AvdotyaLuna and I am 20 years old female.

Most of the reasons why I quit to playing Second life is cause I don't find any friends in here and most of my time I see some perverts trying to flirt with me. XD  When I'm log in, most people are sleeping at that time. Also I need someone who will guide me in SL and explore with me some adventures.

So, Is there everyone in here who are from Europe who can befriend with me? :D I'm pretty open-minded person but sometimes I can be outspoken and fiery person.

You can also PM me, I don't bite. :D

If you're interest, contact me @ Amara Ebone


//Edit: I forgot to say that all of the people from outside Europe are also very much welcome. :D


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Hello! I stopped playing Second Life a few years ago too from lack of friends, haha. But if you're still interested, I'd love to befriend or hang out sometime! I live in USA so my timezone is the opposite but I'm a night owl so I'm up during any time - I'm 24 irl and i'm very open minded as well, always up for having a laugh. I'd love to have some company mainly to look around/shop/learn/experience what SL has to offer. Still up for it 5 years later!

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