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Strange Wearables

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I have some old wearables that show with a question mark icon in inventory. When I put them on, they don't appear (although the avatar may deform slightly), and going into Appearance mode shows them. What are these? They might be slider-clothes made in SL, or purchased.  There is no Mesh anywhere in this story.


I am guessing these are damaged assets or something?


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I suspect you mean this icon .

This is the invalid inventory icon. This can happen if the asset/simulator server done goof'd, packet transfer failure, or if LL deprecates a inventory type. You can find out what this is by abusing the fact that inventory is cached.

Navigate to your cache directory(On windows, press the windows logo key + r, type "%LOCALAPPDATA%" and press enter, open the folder named which ever viewer you are using(EG: secondlife, firestorm, firestorm_x64)), and you will be greeted with a bunch of files.

Look for or use search to find a file named f70df855-0149-4928-81a4-b887e3ed146b.inv.gz. You will need to unpack this file, you can do this using 7-zip or gunzip command line if you have it installed. You can get 7-zip here if you don't have it installed: http://www.7-zip.org/

Using a non-built-in editor known as notepad(I recommend notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ for editing of text documents of all types), press ctrl+f or what ever the search function is and search for the inventory's name, you should see this:

inv_item	0{	item_id	00000000-d8d0-1ef0-2027-fab2813a9225	parent_id	00000000-fbf8-492c-73a0-b387dded10b5permissions 0{	base_mask	7fffffff	owner_mask	7fffffff	group_mask	00000000	everyone_mask	00000000	next_owner_mask	0008e000	creator_id	796b1537-70d8-497d-934e-0abcc2a60050	owner_id	796b1537-70d8-497d-934e-0abcc2a60050	last_owner_id	796b1537-70d8-497d-934e-0abcc2a60050	group_id	00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}	asset_id	00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000	type	object	inv_type	object	flags	00000000sale_info	0{	sale_type	not	sale_price	10}	name	Single sided plane|	desc	(No Description)|	creation_date	1438171201}

 You will want to get the above values of type and inv_type, in this case the above values would be "object" and "object".

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Thank You!

I will fire up Emacs and look for this file and see what it's doing.


More interesting things.  Sometimes (transferring the object, Save As from Appearance, and other random actions, sometimes...) the object appears with the body shape icon. I guess the system gets confused while I am manipulating the object, and pants turn into a shape...



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