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Second life on when you are not?



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I'm not sure what Mr. Frakture means by "no option to log in at start."  In fact, you have to log in every time you start your viewer.

If you are using the Lumiya viewer for your Android device, it is in fact possible to stay logged in, if you minimize Lumiya or switch to your Home screen or another app without signing out first.

Mr. Frakture's suggestion of a friends list bug is also a possibility.

And there is yet another, darker possibility.  If someone else has gotten your password, they might log in as you, when you are not logged in.  If you are in the habit of following URLs that people send you in chat, IM, or group messages, you may have fallen victim to a phishing scam.  To make sure this is not the case, I suggest changing your SL password right away (if you can - phishers will generall change your password to "steal" your account.)

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