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A few character roles are open in Legacy of Drannor!


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For those interested, there is a Medieval/Fantasy RP Sim currently open known as Legacy of Drannor on Serenity Island in-world. The SIM and setting's main details can be found on the website here: http://legacyofdrannor.weebly.com/

To summarize, a little over one hundred years ago, the Realm of Drannor was invaded by demons...some years later, the elf queen, Calonette and her dragon, Celeste, knowing that something bad was about to happen, left Drannor to find a new realm for the people of Drannor  to live in. Unfortunately, however, no one has seen or heard from them since. Shortly before they left, they entrusted one of Celeste's eggs to Calonette's daughter, Rayania. Not long after, with Rayania having grown up and becoming the new queen of the elves, the demons attacked again, mounting one final assault... Drannor fell that day, and not wanting to wait for Celeste and Calonette, one of Drannors' ancient guardian dragons, Viserion opened a rift, and the Drannorians fled to the new land of Ukavone Kulkodar. This land was home to various races, and was ruled by the orcs. To keep the peace and prevent war between the Drannorians and the people of Ukavone Kulkodar, Elf Queen Rayania and Orc King Muk arranged to be married. It's been nearly one hundred years since then.

Now, in-world, I play Rayania's dragon, Fallana. Right now, I am seeking people who can play a few various roles closely related to Fallana... The roles are as follows:

Fallana's mate, or soon-to-be mate

Fallana's father

Fallana's siblings


Please, leave an application on the forums if interested, or go check out the SIM first if you wish at Serenity Island.

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