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Libraries of the Grid Field-Trip Sat.May7th

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Greetings Folks! This Saturday (May 7th) we have our monthly field-trip events continuing with a splendid focus this time, the Libraries of Second Life! We will be gathering at Saul's Place Cafe @11AM SLT and begin our wandering at 11:30AM SLT. Tourguide notecards will be provided to all in attendance as well as available to anyone who cannot attend but would still like a handy list of landmarks :matte-motes-asleep-2:

Our Field-Trips last roughly 1 hour (11:30AM-12:30PM), in this time I will personally be guiding the group from sim-to-sim, highlighting several different kinds of libraries both functional and decorative. Though there will be time for exploration and shopping, etc, the trip itself is meant to introduce these locations for future visits, so you are encouraged to return to the landmarks and continue your explorations!!! 

You can feel free to message me (SAULGOODiE) inworld with any questions you might have regarding the trip. All avatars are welcome//no age or avatar restrictions and as always the tour is free of charge. :heart:


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