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how im put furniture in my house?



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ZIPA, we can help you much more with a bit more information. Please provide any other detals you have regarding this problem.

What kind of house do you have? If it is a rented property, you will most likely be required to wear the appropriate group-tag for your furniture/rezzed items to stay inworld, otherwise they could possibly be auto-returned to your inventory. 

Another possibility is that you are attempting to rezz boxed items, I cannot really tell though from your question. If you are rezzing a "Couch" and it does not appear when you drag it from your inventory, instead you get a box or something similar, the item could be "Packaged". In this case, you can Right-Click the package and choose "Open" to move all the items into your inventory.

I have also personally rented at locations where the actual Floor of the property does not have permissions to Rezz items onto. This can be quickly fixed by throwing your own Prim-Slab down ontop the floor so you have an area to Rezz ontop of. 

Theres a few other possibilities but without any error messages or further details, it is difficult to assess the problem. Hope this gets you going in the right direction! 

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