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(PAID) Manager/Assistant role available

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I'm a store owner of VOID and CLOCKERS, a sci-fi and a grunge store in second life that already have a emerging exposure within Second Life. (Search my name in market place if you're curious, as well as the CLOCKERS store.)

Due me not being able to log in everyday, I'm looking to employ someone who'll work closely with me on running a few light tasks to start with and that will help expand the business I have, promote it and raise sales.

You'll be responsible for but not limited to:

- Organize and explore information for possible hunts, fairs and social events that promote the store.

- Search for places to strike deals of rent spots within roleplaying sims.

- Organize and explore split profit sale deals.

- Come up with reviews of possible new products and/or business.

The ideal candidate should be:

Someone who has been within Second Life for at least a year, it is not because I'm mean, but I understand the more time you have been playing the game, the better and faster you can handle notecards and others the like, these tasks are very trivial and if you are new and prove that it is also no trouble to you to perform this, then you're in.

Someone who good vibes, a sense of humour, can handle light criticism, co-operate with me, has a sensitive understanding for business or a passion for it (no need for marketing masterminds, I value more someone who thinks with their feelings, goes with instinct rather than a formula or a statistic, actually)

You can work a minimum of 2 hours a week, for starters, more if we see justifiable after our first meeting.

Salary/Budget: 5$ USD per hour. (negotiable after we make the first contact)

Please write to me explaining why do you want to apply, if you know my store(s), what kind of activities do you enjoy doing in Second Life and outside, if you're active online and how many hours, what are your hangouts... basically I just want to know you a little better, since we're gonna be working together.

Contact me at: Voodoo Schnyder (in world avatar), but IM's cap sometimes // and/or a private message here on the forums // and or reply to this thread and I'll reach you with my skype.

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