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looking for a Slaver or Master in Gor


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I have been a slave in Gor in the past, i did classes, i lived int the south and the north, but cities and villages fell apart. so i decided to take a break, I explored also the bdsm scene in sl but i miss Gor. Now iits kinda hard to find my way back, Has Gor died...is it only a tight group of people who is now playing it...i dont know, i do want to give iit a try again Now i am looking for an experienced Slaver or Master to join. So i can learn more, fill my gaps of knowledge about Gor  and continue my story in Gor.. I am a serious girl from Europe, passionate, but also shy sometimes,  i like a strong hand, but i need to feel this human side too. Not looking for players. 

Let me know when you are interested. You need to be online regularly, i am gmt +1, but online all different hours, only time i am not here is SL time in the early evening hours

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