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Fairfield County - Looking for active citizens!

Melissaa Sirnah

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Fairfield County is currently looking for more active community members! Fairfield is a beautifully designed community of four sims and lots to explore! We welcome families, singles, people looking for friends, people looking to open a business, people looking for homes/apartments and all varieties of avatars. Right now we're a small, but close, group of people who are looking to expand the community and make new friends. Come check us out :) 

Come see what we have to offer:
★ Supportive and Helpful Admin Team
★ Home & Apartment Rentals

★ Weekly Events
★ Active Roleplay
★ Sheriff's Office
★ Fire/EMS
★ Hospital
★ Supreme Court
★ Renter Owned Shops and Restaurants
★ Children's Playground
★ Beaches
★ SIM-wide Road System
★ Forest
★ DMV and Much More!


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