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Need Help loading A&M couples dances into Humanoid Couples dance hud


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I recently bought the Humanoid Couples Dance Hud & Dances. And they were EXTREMELY EASY to load. As easy as loading solo dances into my free 'Let's Dance' hud. BUT I was disapointed that they didn't have very many couples dances. I wandered all over Humanoid hoping to find more couples dances when I realized sadly that the 8 I bought were the only couples dances they had.


 Remembering that I saw couples dances at A&M Mocap, I TP'd there with my SL boyfriend and we tried their couples dances. I was in heaven!! They were soo good, and I went spend crazy never imagining that I wouldn't be able to use them. And why would I when Humanoid's couples dances were so easy to load?

 I spent around $16.00 dollars worth of lindens on A&M couples dances (copy) BECAUSE I thought they would be as easy to load into my Humanoid Couples Dance hud as my humanoid couples dances were. But they weren't easy at all. I tried several times and the only dances available when I wore my humanoid couples dance hud were ONLY the couples dances I bought from humanoid.  I figured I just needed to make a notecard, but I went into my inventory and read the Intan - A&M MOCAP Dance Works.cfg v6.8 notecard. Which by the way WAS NOT included with any of the A&M couples dances the only reason I have this notecard is because I clicked on a sign near one of the couples dances. This notecard was NOT as easy to understand as the one for Humanoid, BUT I did understand it.

I followed the instructions on how to get the 'animations' for male and female. Had to take them out of i.nventory of course, Right click, click on ONE of the balls and then left click on it and edit .. believe it or not this part was the hardest because no matter how often I would click on one (the card said to click the blue ball first) BOTH were highlighted. Then I noticed it said 'sometimes you have to click on something else before you can just clck on the blue ball'. Had no trouble with the first couples dance I bought, but all the others after it, no matter how often I clicked on ANYTHING else first, BOTH balls were highlighted. I did this over and over getting extremely frustrated until finally decided to just take the damn animation and put it in the folder even if it matched the pink ball and pray it works!t

Okay so I did that (about 16 dollars worth of couples A&M dances). The notcard also said to put the Intan - A&M MOCAP etc card into the machine as well - into the 'contents' of course along with the dance animations. I did that. And then took it back into my inventory. It took a while but I did it and couldn't wait to try out my new couples dances.

But when I wore my edited Humanoid Couples dance hud, I found out that I had wasted my time. It didn't work. Like I previously mentioned, the only dances that came up in the menue were the Humanoid couples dances. All the A&M couples dances weren't listed in the menu. That's about 16 dollars wasted if I can't figure this out.

 It never occurred to me that these dances would not work in a couples dance hud and for very good reason. THERE WAS NO SIGN ANYWHERE NEAR THE A&M COUPLES DANCES SAYING THAT THESE DANCES WOULD ONLY WORK IN INTAN'S!!

Call me silly but I usually give people and most companies the benefit of the doubt. And maybe I am too naive because I usually assume that people will treat others the way I would treat them, and that being the way I'd wanted to be treated. If it was me and I knew those couples dances would not work in couples dance huds I WOULD HAVE SIGNS ALL OVER THE COUPLES DANCES AREA WARNING PEOPLE OF THAT FACT. I would also have included that Intan information card WITH the couples dances.

So I am posting this, hoping that someone here can help me load these A&M Couples dances into my Humanoid Couples dance hud. And no I can't transfer them to you so you can do it for me because I bought the copy versions. I prefer copy to transfer so when SL is acting up I don't have to worry about losing anything. But it looks like this time I lost around $16 dollars instead. 

Please only helpful comments. Thanks.

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Maybe I am wrong but I thought the Humanoid dance machine only supported humanoid dances. The marketplace advert doesn't clearly say one way or another, so I am not sure.

But the first problem you seem to be having is that you only have one animation out of each of the couple dance balls because you haven't worked out how to edit linked parts to see the contents of both balls to extract both animations. If humanoid do support animations from others then you will need to work that out. Basically as it says in the notecard you need to have edit linked selected in the edit pop up window and then click both of the poseballs individually to copy the animations in to your inventory. if you have the poseballs selected when you turn edit linked parts on you will have to select something else first before you will be able to select the balls individually. The alternative, if you are using firestorm viewer is once you select edit linked parts, to use the little arrow buttons to cycle through the linked parts in the linkset. You will need the male and female animations in your machine for the couple dances to appear in the menu.

The dances from humanoid and A&M will work in an intan system, although it is a while since I used one. In the past you used notecards to determine how the animations worked together, I believe now it works through a web based system and maybe doesn't need those note cards any more, but I am not sure. I use There in Spirits dance machine and dance hud exclusively now, its main advantage is it is copy. It is also fairly simple to use, configuration is mostly done on a webpage which generates text that you copy into a notecard inside the machine.

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This video shows Torley linking prims and using edit linked prims.....

He has no problem selecting individual linked prims with edit linked set, not needing to click away first. I recall having to click away in the past first, so maybe things have changed, or maybe you only need to click away first in some circumstances.

You will be looking for the animations in the contents tab, just drag them to where you want in your inventory the same way you did for the animations you took out of the root\parent prims.

I hope that helps.

If you do get the humanoid dance machine working with A&M animations I would be interested.

And finally once you have your dance machine working, I recommend taking a look at Vista Animations couple dances, they are high quality, copy, natural looking and realtively cheap compared to other makes.

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