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1867 Pfaffenthal (Luxembourg, Europe)

Maxwell Grantly

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If you are looking for a small (but active) role-play area in Second Life, the sim of Pfaffental might be just up your street!

Pfaffenthal Sim

The whole sim is really beautiful; it is a delight to walk around and explore. Many visitors have said that the streets of the district remind them of Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter films. The sim owner has worked tirelessly, in order to faithfully recreate an exact replica of the Pfaffenthal district of Luxembourg from 1867. Visitors are always welcome to come and explore. If you want to dress in period costume, so much the better! (However, you are warned that nudity is banned.)

There is a small core of regular Second Life residents to be found in the reconstruction; this number is increasing. Role-play can be described as 'moderate but not serious.' You won't find residents participating in para role-play. Instead, many residents prefer to communicate in a relaxed manner.

There are a wide range of activities on offer in Pfaffenthal. There is a regular weekly ladies tea party, a weekly, 'Happy Hour' at the tavern, a volunteer fire service, army drills for the militia, weekly photographic competitions based around the art gallery, occasional voiced literacy events and an illustrated comic production that involves all the residents. Many other events (such as live voiced singing) are planned for the future.

Why not teleport along and take a look for yourself. Just arrive at the landing point and follow the red carpet onto the main street. You might just find that this informal role-play is ideal for you.


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