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Can't set media players in house to group

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I am a beginning SL land owner. I have a few lots I have put houses on. The houses came with security, radio and tv included. I have contacted customer support for the houses and they blew me off.

I can't share or deed the media objects. I own the land and the land is deeded to the group. The group shows. I am the owner of the group. I set the group active.  In the edit menu for the media objects, the wrench,Share and Deed are grayed out.

In about land on the General tab the group shows. However, Set, Deed, allow deed to group(not checked) and owner makes contribution with deed(not checked) are all grayed out. I do make contribution to the group to pay the tier. It debits my account.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this issue?



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Not sure what's going on with the security, radio, and TV objects. One possibility is that they could all use a separate object that does the actual work which could be the only thing that needs deeding, but that would be in the house instructions, presumably... and would only have the effect you describe if the other objects were no-transfer (which is common)...

... and yet that wouldn't explain the "Share" button being grayed-out (because even no-transfer objects can be shared with group, to lesser effect). So, yeah, not sure what's really going on there. Sorry.

You said the land was already deeded to group, in which case it's completely normal that those About Land settings are grayed out.

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