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Looking for Members of the Higgo Family


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Hi - hoping to find at least some of you :) Brits, South Africans, Aussies; or any place elsewhere in the universe, if you are a member of the Higgo family descended from John & Mary, pls drop me a line via IM or reply here. I am a  South African member of this family, and proud of it - it was my misfortune however to have been adopted and consequently seperated...I would not only like to make contact with the family, but have started to research our roots and any information on the subject would be invaluable.

Some of what I know, briefly is that an English couple from Cornwall [Madron], John Higgo & Mary (nee Trotman] boarded the ship Glentana in 1849 and sailed for Australia, from Plymouth. The then Governor at the Cape [South Africa] requested that the family remain [they had ten children], as their skills as stonemasons were needed. The family agreed and initially settled in Swellendam. As far as I know all the current Higgo members are the descendants of these ten children, I am uncertain as to whether any Higgos remained behind in Britian.

A number of Higgos later continued and completed the journey to Australia.

I am using other avenues besides 2ndL in this matter but thought that in being here i can not allow the opportunity to go to waste and try to use this resource as well.

Thanking you kindly


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