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Need help understanding mesh home importing.

Izzy Stipe

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So I recently finished my very first mesh home using Blender that I plan to sell on SL.  Now I'm faced with importing issues.

Simply put, I uploaded an entire house full of separate objects (please see pic). I then created a multi object collision mesh for the house. When I tried to import the collision mesh into the house mesh using SL, the collision mesh became squashed into the side of a wall.


I did a bit of reading but I need clarification. I'm guessing what I did wrong was the following, please correct me if I'm wrong:


  1. Uploaded multiple objects together instead of uploading the pieces one at a time with their own separate collision mesh
  2. Attempted to attach the collision mesh into a house made up of multiple objects

Is importing the objects separately with their own individual collision files the only way to upload a mesh building into SL successfully? Is it the standard to do this then align all the parts together inside SL?


Also, is Second Life Beta still public? I tried to log in to test my mesh objects but kept receiving errors.  If it is, what grid can I log into?


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There are NUMEROUS threads on this - hence I suspect no one answering lickety split.


You have some things figured out. It is almost always more land impact efficient to upload in modular form than as a complex object.


You need a physics mesh to go ALONG WITH your upload and it is loaded under the Physics tab in the uploader. It is not a separate thing you do later. So each piece would have its own physics model.


You physics model will not work as you have it designed. Again likely a hundred threads on this in the forum archives so some searching will find your answers.


The beta grid was open last week and mostly always is. You need to log into the beta grid using the GRID choices in the drop down area of the login screen (this is Firestorm - assume official viewer is similar - if not there will be a way to change grids :D.)


You need to complete a separate mesh upload quiz in order to be able to upload on the beta grid. FINDING that is often a complex matter. Maybe someone knows the URL to that currently. I completed it over four years ago but it was an adventure finding it then and I see many posts with folks wondering.



PS. Those skinny little railings are going to be problematic for LODs (distance viewing) so you might want to change the design somewhat OR upload them all by themselves in sections. 


Good luck.

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Another non "Lickerty Split" answer... :)

It is not necessary (or advisable) to have your building divided up into so many different individual parts.

It looks quite low poly so the first thing i would do is want to check the LI cost of the whole house as a single mesh object :

Make a copy of the Blender file.

Open the copy and  join all your house parts into a single mesh object in blender, then in Object mode select the house and export as House.dae with “Selection Only” box checked in the Collada export menu (lower right hand side of export window).

Your Physics mesh looks good.

Join all the collision parts into a single mesh object and export as House_PHYS.dae, again with " Selection Only " box checked.

Go to the SL Beta grid (Morris sandbox is always available and if necessary  from there you can open the main map and type in “mesh sandbox” to find other sandboxes) and Upload the House.dae in the uploader. Then open the Physics tab and add the House_Phys.dae.   For your type of physics mesh you don’t want to use the Analyze button.

When rezzed Edit the house and from the Features tab change the Physics Shape Type from the default Convex Hull to Prim.

Check the LI cost

Then go back to your Blender and try, for example dividing it up into 3 parts, Porch, Main Building, and the Room at the Back. (side room ? )

Do the same with your Physics mesh.

Upload each of the three parts individually (along with the appropriate Phsyics mesh) and check the LI when linked inworld.

It is possible to upload multiple mesh objects together but you have to use the proper naming convention of the objects within Blender.

For example














Etc……….  https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Uploading-a-mesh-model/ta-p/974185

 but for now keep it simple and upload as separate objects untill you have got it working correctly. 


You haven’t mentioned if you have UV unwrapped or assigned materials to parts of your building or created any lower Lod meshes.

In general keep the number of materials to a maximum of 8 for each mesh object so this may effect how you join those parts.  

Creating your own Lower LoD meshes is the best way to keep control of how your building will look as you zoom out from it and also the best way to control LI cost.

Each mesh objct needs to have its own Physics mesh object and the Bounding box size of the physics mesh must be the same as the bounding box size of the visual mesh. ( if not the physics mesh will be stretched or squashed to to fit the High LoD mesh object by the uploader.

Some more Beta grid sandbox names you can use at Login :

Sandbox HTTP A

Mesh Sandbox 1

Mesh Sandbox 2

Mesh Sandbox 3

Sandbox Wanderton



Sandbox - Weapons testing

All the above sandboxes are open today (and usually everyday)

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OK. So I definitely understand that you are smarter than I (at least in some areas *wink*) but I do not see how the front porch roof physics model is going to work.  It goes against everything I have read here over the last four years.


So can you please explain that more?


And yes I agree it would be completely silly to upload every little piece; for one thing you would lose all the land impact "bonus" that mesh gives us :D. I was having issues seeing the photo enlarged so missed that so many objects weren't joined.


And I am currently on the mesh sandbox on the beta grid at: secondlife://util.aditi.lindenlab.com/secondlife/Mesh%20Sandbox%203/193/63/23      So it is indeed working.




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OK. I understand YOUR physics model fine, but here is what I think is "wrong".  I had to go to a different browser in order to get this screenshot. Whereever these photos are coming from my default browser does NOT like it :D.


Well it pasted in at an odd point (Me most likely - so scroll down>)


I guess it might have looked "better" in edit mode  but the jogs and stuff don't make sense to me.



BTW, I made a new landform for SL13B (I have a "big" plot  / she smiles) and it came in with great land impacts. So I have learned SOMETHING - LOL. Thanks sweetie.


Yes, I am in and out of beta grid. Making an airplane hanger for a friend in Opensim but making it in SL -- well because I am going to use it there I hope AND it is nichey enough to sell I think LOL.   Anyway it is going well at very low LI so far (details to come). So if you see a better version of THAT out there -- it's me LOL. Looking forward to playing with the Cycles textures soon. This is obviously VERY pre-alpha :D.



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