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LM:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canaan/147/110/22

Family Connection Living Community is once again blazing a new path in family role play! The courthouse at Family Connection Living Community is a FULL-SERVICE Family Court facility. Not just a building but a fully functional legal environment with skilled legal staff and judges to facilitate this extension of your role play.
Specializing in family court including:
* Adoptions - A courtroom setting is the backdrop for the “official” adoption of parent and child giving it a realistic beginning to your family. With a judge presiding over the proceeding, the role play unfolds with your friends bearing witness to such a beautiful union. An official Certificate of Adoption is filed with the Court Clerk and a copy given to both parent and child, signed and sealed by the presiding Judge. A very special time for family to become one comes to life in the courtroom and carries onto a lasting memory.
* Weddings - Whether it is a courthouse elopement, ceremony, or held at your sim, you will find a personalized ceremony just for you. Whether it’s your own vows or ones we provide, your day will be beautiful and a day you will always remember.
Other legal services offered:
* Divorce * Custody * Legal Name Change * Legal Separation * Civil Dispute *Legal Representation on Arrest or Criminal Charge * Child Abandonment * Spouse Partner Abandonment * Termination of Parental Rights
Professional, experienced, and committed to family role play, we are here to offer a unique aspect to your Second Life like no other community on the grid.
Contact: Mira Lynne McKinley (mirakajira resident) for more information
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