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Looking for employment? Latitude is hiring

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Latitude is a multiservice Staffing Agency and Restaurant. We are currently hiring servers, and hosts.

Servers use roleplay to provide service to people who are on dates, with family, or celebrating holidays! You would roleplay service exactly like you would if you were waiting on them in person. Using emotes to greet them etc.

Server Example emote- "Good evening sir, my name is Enjolie and I will be taking care of you today. May I start you off with something to drink while you look over the menu?"


Hosting is just like it sounds. You get paid 20L per hour using a timeclock to stand at the restaurant and staffing areas and greet people who teleport in. Pass out job applications to them, and direct them to the application boxes. If they want to schedule a reservation for the restaurant you pass them a reservation form and direct them to the reservation box to return the completed request. Pretty simple.

Here is an inworld landmark to the restaurant. Feel free to teleport in and grab an application from me or one of our other staff members.


If a member of staff is not immediately available to send you an application please IM Enjolie Mccullough or send me a notecard. Thank you

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