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Case/Ticket submission not working - Out of order

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Hello any people from belgium have a probleme to make case :

this have a message : 

Systeme d'assistance est hors service momentanément - In english ( The system encountered a problem processing you request. Please try again, or check the status blog for more information.)

People from belgium, Swiss have not a numb Tel, to contact Lindenlab, is only via Case.

The Swiss and the Belgians have no phone number, to contact the support lindenlab if they have problems.
The only way to contact is via LindenLab is the case and

But the case are down for several weeks., Many people need help.

Is a probleme in Casesubmission ?

For what only French have a numb tel, and not Swiss or belgians please ? 

Someone has an answer or help offered? thank you

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No one can contact LL for support except for non technical billing support, even those in countries that have phone numbers.

If you are premium you can use live chat.  If you aren't perhaps you have a friend, or can find someone from Belgium who is premium, that can contact live chat and find out what is going on.

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