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Looking for prims/land to put my Movie thearter/ and or Hotel/apartment prefer adult land

Apolez Taurus

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Hey if your a sim owner and have extra prims and would like a movie thearter and or apartment place  I'd like to put it down ...


I had a smaller thearter showing in my store but my ex sl bf had just bought a sim land  and well got a bigger thearter like over 20 x 20 and I like to set it up and redo this hotel  that i think is neat, it has 8 floor s the last one is  like a penthouse the first lobby, I wanted to redo the doors I was working on it and do a few things, might have to redo if cant find where it went to in inventory, ugg. lol 

I have some land but my shop takes up my prims, 

Well so he informed me that I didnt own the sim and check my attitude basically or leave, so because I dont think I had attitude least didnt mean it toward him i was frustrated building the door and other things, I left, I didnt feel wanted, 


So If you'd like to have me set up some stuff i also got something for outside the hotel, 

I can't really offer lindens though if I have extra and you need you can have, though I'm always buying stuf fhehe,  you can take most or all profit from the rented floors maybe giving me a floor or two? idk we see we talk , if anyone is interested that is.. hehe .prefer adult land  Apolez Taurus

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