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"Ville de Coeur - Spring Impressions 2016 Photo Contest"

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Ville de Coeur Photo Contest

Theme: Spring Impressions (Impressions de printemps ) (see further)



Entries open from May 6th , 0:00 am (midnight) until May 15, 12:00 pm.

❁ The contest is open both in World where they will be displayed, and on Flickr.
❁ In World :
Entries are to be submitted in the contest board located in the Harbour Cellars, at: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aquitaine%20Coeur%20Nord/2...
You will post your full permissions picture in a full perm note along with your Artist Name and the Picture Title, with the format (1:1, 4:3; 3:2, 16:9, 16:10, 2:1, 3:1) in description for display purposes: I will frame your picture.
We will send extra reminders and landmarks.

When published on Flickr (if Possible):
    ⚫The pictures MUST be tagged "Spring Impressions 2016" (If you don't we have no mean to retrieve your Picture), the  tag is your registration ticket; they must be posted in the group
    ⚫The pictures must include the SLURL (location) where they are taken
❁ Pictures have to be taken in one of the 5 Ville de Coeur regions: Aquitaine Coeur Nord, Poitou Coeur, Normandy Coeur, Coeur d'Azur or Coeur de Bourgogne.

❁ I entry per person.

❁ Entries are free.

❁The prizes are:

1. prize L$ 4,000.00

2. prize L$ 2,500.00

3. prize L$ 1,500.00

4, 5 and 6 prizes are L$ 500.00

❁ The participant's pictures will stay exposed in Ville de Coeur until the end of the month.

❁ All pictures are to be licensed full permission (CCBYNC, CCBYSA, for example) to Ville de Coeur, and the competitor agrees that they can be used on the Ville de Coeur Flickr site, Ville de Coeur Facebook (www.facebook.com/pages/Ville-de-Coeur/576463545824167 ) or the Ville de Coeur webpage villedecoeur.com/

❁ Jury members and owners or staff of Ville de Coeur are excluded from participation.

Theme: Now Spring impressions can be landscapes and nature, it's the first thing that springs to mind, but it can be you in a restaurant with your partner in front of the open fire, riding in the woods on your favourite horse, it can be any expression of your feelings and moods and how you feel and want to express the spirit of the sim.
Landscapes, Portraits, Scenes, Fashion, Objects, Pile-ups ... Be creative and humour is welcome! The sims have places that are not visible at first sight... I may be possible to satisfy special requests such as rezzing poses or lights, if you don't own a photo tool such as Lumipro
The sim group is moderate, thus sexual activities and pornography are not allowed.
We are so looking forward to receiving your entries.

VdC Management and staff.

(*) This explicitly means that your pictures remain yours, but you licence Ville de Cœur to quote your work for promotion, contest results publication, exhibition...

You are welcome to post your opinions an suggestions in the present thread.
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