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Unable to rez an item on mainland parcel I own

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I own a small parcel on mainland with 57 prims left over. It's set to my own group and I am the Owner. I have no problems rezzing items there apart from one, which is just 5 prims. Every time I rez it, I get a message that it can't be rezzed because the owner of the land does not permit it. It then disappears from inventory until I relog. I have no problem rezzing it on other land.

I know there were bugs like this before but thought they were fixed. Is it likely to correct itself after a rolling restart or should I
submit a ticket?

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Putting an item on yourself and using "drop" is a workaround but it only works on prims, NOT mesh. Many things are mesh or part mesh now and will generate a message that they can't do that.

I bet your problem is related to mesh. Mesh constantly generates that annoying notice "The owner of the land does not allow..." even when YOU are the owner.

I wish the Lindens would change that message to "We haven't perfected mesh yet, so you may experience problems in placement."

Usually you need ground or a prim board to place mesh. Most mesh will not go on other mesh.

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