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7/8ths of a Sim for free!

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Yes, that's right. Free. I am looking for someone who has an interesting concept, whether a club, a roleplay sim, a sex sim, or whatever, who is motivated and driven to make it something amazing to take over 7/8ths of my sim. I only need the 1/8th for my own little house. I have rented this sim for a long time and have had several people come through it. I am looking for something that lasts, and for something that is motivating. If you have a unique concept, or a concept which can work, I have this place for you. Adult sim, no covenant, do what you want. Of course I'll be in charge, which means if your idea doesn't take off or if you slack off, I kick you out. Sorry to be harsh in my wording. For more info, contact thelittledina resident.

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