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Mens Fashion?

LadyPetunias Audion

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I know of alot of great mens clothing creators...but yet I constantly hear from men, there is nothing for them... and say women have more of a choice... Well yes we may have more of a selection..Mens fashion I think is not really as popular in rl as well..


I want to know from the men in sl what types or styles they are looking for. Be specific and give pictures or links for examples...

I would like to try my hand at some mens clothing.. and would like to help them out in the what to wear! I would appreciate any feed back!


Thank you!

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Wow good for you, smiles..  I am obviously not a male but I do have a partner and he is very very picky about his clothes.  He won't wear anything that seems to him to be efeminate;  he only wears mesh, he likes masculine styles for casual wear; biker stuff if it is not loaded with death skulls n such;  won't wear mod clothes like those low crotch pants or anything too grungy; won't wear bright textures;  it has to fit; alphas have to work; and most of all the clothing has to look realistic.

I have attempted a few male items but to be honest I find making men's clothing kind of boring, you can't have as much fun with textures as you can with women's clothing.  But I agree more variety out there for the guys would be great.  I know my partner would appreciate it.



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hey thank you for your reply....

 I have found two good creators..for mens clothes in my travels. Cold Ash and Deadwool.. I will give these two props..

I will only work with mesh and I like clothing to look as real as possble. I also like fit mesh that will more closely transform to your body then rigged mesh...

I know mens fashions are not as fun as womens..(which I am starting to get into.. ) But I would like to go where the market is..

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I'm looking for pretty much anything, though my needs are a bit more specific.


I play a preteen child, and while there's a decent selection of kids clothes available, the number of models is extremely low. It's basically limited to hoodies, tees, saggy bum jeans, and maybe shorts. I'd like to look at the wider variety in men's clothes, but so few items fit a child and don't have a ripped barrel chest or a huge butt. This pretty much limited me to the few options for kids clothes.


On the other side, I'm looking for full perm templates to make kids clothes. But again, there is such low selection and nothing fits. I'm having some success with templates that include DAE files that I can scale down offline, but even the selection there is beyond poor. I can get any number of pairs of pants or shorts, but can't seem to find a sweater, dress shirt, or jacket of any variety.


So for me, it's really just a matter of anything that fits.

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Woohoo more content!! :heart: Yeah sure there is a bit less out there for men, but you just have to know where to look :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:

Don't want to overwhelm with requests or suggestions, I know that personally I love streetwear and modern fashion. I will ignore most mens clothing that are the typical ugly button-up shirt and acid washed jeans. I tend to look for things that I would wear in real life. I like to have variety, interesting patterns and graphics. Casual ;-D This blog is a good example of stuff I tend to gravitate towards in SL, I am sure you are familiar with most of the creators/brands! 

Good luck hope to see some new goodies soon! ~*~

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I can only write about what i want but i also do not think i am alone with my fashion wishes ;)

Many clothes for men look just stiff, they are textured not lovingly. You do not even see a zipper at some pants and male atributes like ass and crotch are just forgotten. Men are not a-sexual beings and have an ass too. I am unsure if it is  female creators who just do not think about that. Creators who do clothes for gay men are often much more detailed and you can see they gave it more thought and ... realism.

Realism is important for me and i find effimate or genderless (unisex ?) clothing for men horrid. A reason why i do not really go anymore to "men only" events. Its stuff i would not wear anyway most often (exceptions possible but just to rare).

So yeah, there isnt really so much for men and i ranted lately about it when i was searching for a TUCKED IN BUTTONED SHIRT for myself and found after a full day of search just ONE creator who did.

So what would i want:

Pants - with some wrinkles, shadows painted on, looking as if they are actually worn, crotch and ass textured, with a zipper and a good belt (either painted on or added separatly). Belts are important for men. Good Pants, manly pants ... no bullet belts and chains everywhere and don't make them pants always low waist.

T-Shirts - which do not look like a piece of pulled on mesh only but also with wrinkles, shaddows ... depending at what i wear i would like it when it does not look just clean. I cannot additional add anymore a mud layer *grins* and when i worked at my bike, i am just not clean anymore.

Buttoned shirts - have some which are to wear tucked in, long sleeves, rolled up sleeves. It is a bit annoying that most stuff is only to wear untucked. Why seeking for a good belt when no one sees it anyway.

Alphas - would it be possible to take care that it fits not only for tmp or slink bodies but also for aesthetic ? Most stuff would, with a bit of tweaking, also fit an aesthetic body except the alphas. Only two creators had in their package for now a separate outfit also for aesthetic. I appreciate that a lot.


I am btw sure that there would be a lot of men who would love it to buy more often something new but, it is extremly difficult to really find something good and/or realistic. A good new suit ? Good casual shirts ? A great Pants ? You can be sure that tomorrow nearly every other guy will wear the same because there is no wide choice.

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i know as someone whos tried and failed to make a male avatar that would fit my style, theres many flaws. alot of the male clothign is all the same meshes retextured (t shirts, pants, sometimes hoodies) its rare to find a good top that doesn't look exactly like another top. also unless you want to look mustlebound, theres also not much there in terms of shapes or mesh bodies, and even if you do find a normal looking body or shape theres not much clothing that'll fit your body or shape.

woman can pick any body or shape they want and pretty much expect to find a good amount of clothing that will fit for them. i've had much much more sucess clothing my female avatars, and theres also the fact that female avatars can get away with wearing skin tight "painted on" clothing if they want (though i personally don't like this style.)

theres also sorta only a few "style groups" of clothing for men. i've seen average clothing, the "gangsta" look and maybe "hipster". its really tough luck if you want a more gothic or punk rocker style look. overall what im trying to say is people who want a male avatar in second life do not have the style options that wemon do. the comparison is nowhere near close. i can wish someday i can use a normal male avatar in sl, but im stuck being a critter or a cartoony looking dude.

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