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looking for an empty hud


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I have looked everywhere and just cant seem to find a HUD.

One HUD that I can put things from all my other huds into.

Mainly walks, stands, sits, runs, fly, etc....but if it will hold dances etc too...great!

Every one I have seen have already pre loaded stuff in them, I just want an "empty" one I can add too.

I have all these AOs I have things I like about them, would love to combine my favs to one hud.

thx so much

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If you use Firestorm or the likes of, it has a built-in AO for the viewer, this also means that you can have your AO on and work in no-script zones.


I'm not sure if I can link it here, so to be safe, I'll just say google AO and firestorm.

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