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Protected Greenland Flat Woodland Paradise 5328 sqm Ooberscom M Rockefeller Real Estate & Rentals

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Great woodland paradise for those nature lovers in all of us. Great privacy quite but for the woodland creatures roaming around.

Rated: Mature

Area: 5328 sqm

Prims: 1219

Rent: 1665 /weekly


Any questions or concerns please contact:

Seeiy Rockefeller (aka seeiy resident)
Angelique Rockefeller (aka angellque resident)

Renter rules:

1.) Security orbs are allowed only if you add the following people to the allow list: seeiy, angellque,ariangels,ariangelsrockefeller

2.) voice and sound must be contained to their parcel or skybox

3.) Skyboxes names may not be changed in land . Home rentals and land may be changed but nothing vulgar or profane.

If rented items may stay

office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quoll/26/48/97

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