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The City of Arden - Para RP Sim! (Dark, Modern, Fantasy!)

Roary Mystiere

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The City of Arden is a Supernatural roleplay sim set in modern times! Arden is a city nearly untouched by the terrible consequences of war. The Great War, as it's known, was the cause for much of the world's destruction and loss of humanity. If not for the large walls surrounding the city and the persevering people within, the city might not have been able to make it.

The city is constantly a host to all sorts of supernatural beings and odd goings on. Vampires roam and prey on the weak. Shifters feel the tug of the moon and hunt as a unit. Fae are cunning and enjoy causing chaos within the walls of the great city. Not to mention, the mutants have their hands full with trying to fit in. Humans? Well, humans are the real troopers here! Humans have done what they can to stand up against those that claim to be better than them. Humans are starting to rise up and make a comeback! But, with rising back up comes struggle. Those affected by the Great War, known as The Afflicted, roam the streets. The Afflicted eat the weak and do so enjoy the habit.


Arden is currently looking for three faction leaders for: Mutants, Humans, and The Afflicted!


Current Events:


The fae, who have a deep and complicated history with holding gladiator-like fights in the pits in their realm, have just reopened their pits for "the games!" Come out and watch with the other citizens of the city as we watch characters battle to prove their worth on a turf that isn't even theirs'!


The GFH (Government for Humans) is currently living among the citizens of Arden. This organization is known for extreme cruelty towards supernaturals, as they believe they're the reason for humans being unable to live normal lives within the world. The GFH uses extreme propoganda and has started capturing supernaturals and executing them! Be careful! They might come for you next!


So, what are you waiting for?! Come create your story in Arden!


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