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Problem logging in for the past 2 days



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The symptoms you discribe are almost always a connection issue. A Good Internet connection does NOT mean you have a good connection to the SL servers. Test that connection. See: http://blog.nalates.net/2011/10/26/troubleshoot-your-sl-connection/

How old is you computer, it's network card, your router?

Are you using a wired connection? Meaning wire from computer to router/gateway, and DSL or cable to ISP? If not, you likely are going to have connection issues.

You may have a time of day problem. Max use for SL is about 2-3 PM PT. There may be people in your area that are watching Netflix. If you try to login during prime TV time your local area may be max'ing out.

Tuesday and Wednesday morning you are likely to have login issues as the SL servers are upgraded those mornings and servers are restarted. The whole SL system is stressed during that time. Login can be a problem. Try logging  into different regions. Use Morris or Furball or Pooley to see if other regions have recovered from their restart.

Try setting your MAX Bandwidth lower. All that setting does is tell the SL servers to throttle back their sending and be more patient. That may help. It only affects the UDP protocol, but that is the channel used for most update information headed to the viewer. Update info is like avatar movement. I'm not sure how much of the initial connection still uses UDP... but, this might help.

Once you have run through the troubleshooting steps, add what you find to your post. I don't follow these posts. So, if your not getting a response from anyone to your follow up PM me here.

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