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Between the Oaks and the Water

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Ourhaven is a quiet, lag-free forest. Move into your own landscaped lot, surrounded by Oak and Pine forest. At Ourhaven, your concerns will not go unheard by some distant landlord; if there is anything you need, I'm online for hours very nearly every day, and I live in the same forest as you do, just across the way.


  • Each lot is surrounded by a 16 meter lane of forest and plants. Your view will always be as lovely, and as private, as it is the day you move in. The borderlands forest runs through the entire sim, and the sim hosts all of those prims; they cost you nothing at all. Even so, there is a 15% prim bonus on your lot.

  • Full Terrain Rights, so you can shape your land to fulfill your own needs and dreams. If you aren't comfortable editing terrain, call me over and I'll give you a hand.

  • Very peaceful and exclusive.  It is a rare time when there are as many as half a dozen people in the entire sim.

  • Amazing views both within the forest, and of islands in the distance: Come for a Visit, but be prepared to never want to leave!

  • Ourhaven is "moderate", but here, that means that if you don't bother your neighbors, you can enjoy the privacy of your home as you please. 

  • Purchase cost of the land pays your first week of rent.


If you have any questions, Please IM Ryonen Moon (Ryonen.resident).  





Sunset-Facing Beach

Buildable Area: 4576 m (88 x 52)
Private Area: 7072 m (104 x 68)
(Includes a 16m forested border between parcels)

Prims: 1203
Purchase cost of parcel pays for first week of rent.




IM: Ryonen.Moon (ryonen.resident), Owner

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