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Beautiful new ballroom looking for staff, is it you?


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2 hearts, One Love.....words simply put, but when combined make magic happen. Hello and thank you for your interest in our Venue. 2 Hearts is a joint effort to make a venue so complete, so awe inspiring, you may end up proposing right on the spot! (just ask the owners). We have some of the best love songs playing 24-7 to set your mind and mood to one of romance and a simpler time when life's complexities had no bearing on what mattered....Love. We have provided some of the best slow and faster paced couples dances to get your hearts racing (new dances being added all the time), as well we can cater your event to your liking. We can accomodate weddings, handfastings, and any other bondings you can think of. Packages will be made available as needed (pricing discussed when you meet with the owners/planners) We also offer adspaces to advertise your business! We do not discriminate so bring your significant other down and enjoy a venue free of drama and ordinary. with an ambiance that is second to none we are certain you will leave with memories etched on your hearts. We thank you again and hope to see you soon.

What are we looking for, open minded, fun people to join our team and take this beautiful place to the next level. We are in search of fun, fascinating folks with a flair all their own.

Hosts/Greeters: You will be the first impression as guests arrive, we need people with good energy, a happy demeanor, and can make our guests truly feel warm and welcomed. We offer 90% tips

DJ's/Live Performers: This is your time to shine folks, whether you have a band yourself, are a singer, a one man / woman band, or just an amazing dj with some amazing love songs, we are looking for you. We offer 100% tips. We are shooting for a May 20th Grand Opening, looking forward to seeing you and thank you for taking the time to look us over. Contact one of the below for an app/interview.

Darkmoon Wardark - Owner
jeremy123- Owner
NovaDusk- GM


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