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new signup entry process

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i came back to SL a few days ago and went thru the Social Islands new members pathway

is actually pretty good. The combination of the viewer help system and the Experience HUD makes it pretty good. Was quite a few actual forreal new signups coming in. Can tell who they are because they actually explore the Island

were a few oldbies hanging out on the central plaform (like there always was since forever) but they were not too bad, relative to some of those oldbie types used to be like in previous times

a cool thing is that the spawn/landing point on my Social Island is not set to the central platorm. Is set to the grass underneath one of side platforms. The grass is long/high and the platform ceiling is quite low. The configuration is such that for people landing its actually pretty good. It makes you move away as soon as you land. And it discourages the oldbies from parking up there. Very astute Whichever Linden sussed that out

2 other cool things are:

1) the additions to the Classic Avatars are excellent. The mesh clothes and hair are really well made and fit the classic avatar for which they are made really well

2) The most coolest thing of all tho is that when I press the Home button, I get sent back to the Social Island I spawned on, and not to some random WA/Infohub inworld. Something I always thought new people should be able have. The certainty of being able to return to a familar place when something happens to them when they meet something inworld that they are not sure about

so big ups to LL for all of this I think (:   


eta: The Experience portals seem to match the Destination Guide so in terms of who gets access to the new member stream exiting thru the portals seems to be consistent with that

the other thing is that the music stream on the Dance club/hall doesnt play. A few people couldnt work why that was. Given that there is a inworld help object which tells them how to check their viewer controls if they cant hear the stream


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