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Looking for other Rp'ers


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“Eviction notice. It’s an eviction notice." 


Anber sits down at the table after getting a coffee cup out of the closet as she picks up the half gallon of milk and pours herself a glass. She opens up the newspaper that apparently her roommate Joker, who she hasnt seen in a while, left on the table and quickly opens it up to the classifieds. 

She begins to think to herself "maybe if I can find another job this will all go away. How could I have let things get this bad." Its been 2 months since her recent breakup and the bills just keep piling up, and her shopping escapades keep getting worse. 

She glances at an article that catches her eye and notices in giant bold letters the word SALE she reaches over and grabs her phone. She begins to open up a new text message to inform Laicey about what she just read before noticing a missed call. 

She quickly calls the number back "You have been approved for a payday loan please hold while we direct your call." It seems like shes been on hold for hours before someone finally answered. Indecisive about accepting the offer, Anber quickly decides, "what more debt can really hurt? I'm already loosing my home!" She begins to rattle off her social number to the lady on the other end before getting tangled up in watching The Kill Point on TV. She quickly hangs up the phone and rushes back to texting  Laicey. "Ill pick you up at two theres a sale in town we cant miss." She quickly lays the phone down watching them set up the robbery as she wonders if maybe the idea of getting a second job instead of robbing a bank is a bad idea. She quickly wonders around the house looking for the things they used in the show..

Whatever happens from here on out is being left to the others that choose to participate in the RP.

 I have started the storyline and I am looking for others to participate in finishing it off in world.. I am looking to kill off "Anber" which will some how or another end in a funeral where all her friends and family join in remembering her.. 

Im hoping to start this RP Sunday May 15th, In the community I live in.  If you interested please contact me on my main avatar Savannah Moore (savannahnicalet)

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