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When I sign in all I see is a wall a brick wall.

Elaina Valerian


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As Rolig suggests you are probably coming in inside a wall or other structure. If you can't walk out, you will need to either log into some other place or teleport somewhere.

Open the world map and double click somewhere in the same region or another region. Some regions will not allow in-region teleporting. So, you could get an error message trying to teleport within the same region. In which case you need to pick a different region.

You can log into a different region. The easy way to do that is to go to the Destiation Guide. Pick a place and click. That will open and change your viewer so it will log into the new destination. Or is your viewer is open it will initiate a teleport.

A trick residents often use to escape being trapped in things is to have Teleport on Double Click enabled in Preferences. Then press the Alt-key and left click and drag left/right to spin the camera outside the object we are trapped inside. Double click on some place you can then see. With any luck the region will let you teleport there or it might bounce you to the designated landing hub.

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