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Looking for a family! Wanting a real genuine bond! <3

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❥I've been looking for my forever family for over 4 years and everytime it gets harder to try again I hope that you will read this find that i'm the daughter for you! {Please be able to skype & prove you are who you say you are!}

❥My name is Nσεℓγŋ Aɱąℓïą Mąγ  (kendradavis99) my family is my world and the reason I log in everyday My Family has been with me for over 2 years  it consists of My daughter Suri her big avie Layla and her mini family :)

❥I'm online everyday for lots of hours usually from 3:30pm - 9:30 Pm SLT - sometimes later I'm on weekdays all day everyday unless plans 

❥My Avatars consist of Me {Noelyn} , Kali {Toddledoo} , {Male Blog Avie} & 1 Bank alt I always allow and want my family to be apart of allll my alts 

❥My future family could be Mommy , Mommy & Daddy , Mommy & Mommy we could have a small set of siblings {not 200} or maybe i'll be your first and only! i'm open to all of it! :D 

❥ I LOVE LOVE everything Ƥιηк ,  ƓƖιттєя & ƤαѕтeƖѕ  and so does my daughter and my little avie Kali tho I have my own style and sometimes I can be a darker more Toffee child on myself & Kali is always a pale usually a blonde or ginger child :D 

❥Gatcha shopping is my game! , Decorating & blogging are one of my most favourite things to do in SL I love exploring the grid , taking many photos , laughing and making memories is one of the most things I want from a family I want to belong somewhere and have a family I can call my home Vacations & holidays are something i've always missed in families and I can't wait to find someone who will want to do the same  

❥I can very much log Kali on at the same time as myself or bounce between the two but i'll also be myself alot of my time since i'm a mom here but if I was able to be apart of this family Kali would be active more once I had a mama that wants to be my mom spend time & do many activities  and  be apart of my life :D 

❥I love to go home and crawl into my SL bed before I go offline , Family dinners , bath times , tuck ins , vacations , movie times , shopping FLF , events , decorating , twerking in our pajamas ,  making our own family sim , little pranks , causing my parents grayhairs and story times are things I'd love to do with my family  on Kali , Myself & with My family and they really make me feel apart of something special and like a real family 

❥Loyalty & Honesty - Loyalty is huge for me because i've been with my daughter & sister for a few years now and I don't understand people who can hop in and out of others lives once I find someone and I love and attach to them being around it's hard for me to just let people go and go on to the next. 

Being honest is super important for me i've been lied too , catfished & betrayed before all i'm looking for is honesty from my family if something isn't perfect someone isn't happy with someones actions or behaviors that they let that person know and not cause drama I can't handle it It takes too much energy from me and i'll just walk away from the situation instead of fuel the fire 

I'm looking for a real connection not just a game connection I wanna have a huge bond with my family once I find you and I hope you will wanna grow one with me too :D

I've always dreamed of being apart of something and i've always felt that I belonged someplace and I hope that place is with you ♥

If you do think i'd be a good match i'd love to talk to you in person or one on one anytime :D 

- Nσεℓγŋ Aɱąℓïą Mąγ
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You had me and my family at "Twerking in our Pajamas" like Yass Boo Yass. I personally am all about Connecting weather is be just in SL or RL as well. I am myself here (minus the perfect tan skin, the amazing shape and closet xD) but we love deeply and create bonds and memories. We love Family trips, RP, Life 2 RP as far as meals, tuck ins, bath times. We're LGBT Friendly, Furry Friendly. We love taking trips, exploring, taking photos, going shopping to FLF, or events/ hunts and Gachas... Did I mention we like Zombie hunting and bowling. -takes a breath- 


Oh for the love of all things I feel like we should all get together and talk, who knows maybe this could be the start of something family related or maybe we'll just become great friends. :D


My in-world name is RedWrath Resident and I can't wait to tell my sister about you :D 

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