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Offer to shy people who find it hard to talk to strangers

Bitsy Buccaneer

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What with all of the forum requests for friends from people who are shy or reserved or otherwise find it difficult to meet people, I thought I would make an offer.

Look me up inworld and use me to practice on. Send me a friend request or a nice message saying a little about yourself. I do a lot of building so I'm inworld sporadically these days. My messages often cap, so if you don't receive a reply within three days or so, try again. (Please don't send a lot of short messages though - we only get 25 of course and one person can eat up a lot of that if they send another one every time they think of something else.) The hours between SLT midnight and 2 am are when I'm currently most likely to be inworld, or maybe some time between 5 am and 8 am. You can TP to my shops via my profile picks, so feel free to drop by, see if I'm on sim (try a radar scan if your viewer has one or look for a green dot on the mini map view) and say hello. If you don't know what to say to start a conversation, you can always mention this thread.

Or if you rather, you can start off by writing something here. I will probably leave it up to you to make inworld contact though, because that is a useful and important skill to learn. Thanking creators whose work you like is another way to practice. There are some amazingly kind and generous people in SL.

As for myself, I am understanding, patient and easy to talk with. I'm not going to chase after people but I will do my best to help if you take some initiative.

How does that sound?

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