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Synthetik Bunker SL's best Dark state-of-the-art Industrial style club is now hiring!

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                                                             ☢ ѕуитнєтιк вυикєя ☢

                                                                   is now HIRING!

Second Life’s greatest state-of-the-art Dark Industrial club The Synthetik Bunker is now in the process of hiring Djs, Hosts and Dancers!

We’re looking for uniquely talented DJs, Hosts, and Dancers who will be a great match for our stellar team!

You must be friendly, motivated, helpful,  professional, and LOVE our amazing musical styles! We are a multi genre club of dark scene music that plays the best mix  of:

Industrial, Dark-Wave, Goth, PostPunk, GothRock, Cybergoth, Futurepop, Synthpop, Aggrotech, Hellektro, Techno, Trance, DeathRock, EBM, Power Noize, ColdWave, Electro, Rhythmic Noise, New Wave, Dark 80's, & Dubstep


Please note those willing to work as both hosts and dancers as needed will  have some priority for hiring consideration.



Be over 18 years ( We are on an adult sim )

Some Experience Necessary

Your Avatar Must Be 30 days old or older, look well put together with your appearance reflecting that time was put into "grooming" your avi , AND dress in a manner that fits in with, and reflects the general style and atmosphere of this club

You must be friendly, helpful & social (get along well with others & have no issues with "alternative lifestyles", genders, etc.)

Be able to effectively communicate in English

Be available to Dj &/or Host/Dance on a regular weekly basis

Be RELIABLE and willing do the job as asked with a positive attitude


Exiting environment !

*100% Tips + extra

Team Spirit

Applications are now online for your convenience! URL links below:

*You will keep  100% of any tips you make on your shift while working here!  we do NOT take a cut of anything you are tipped at Synthetik Bunker you deserve all of your tips

For DJ application:


For Host/Hostess Dancer application:


Synthetik Bunker inworld LM:



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