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I am the Owner of Easy Living Rental.
We lease Skyboxes. Platforms and houses.
Looking for hiring New Agents.
At ERL we work and function as a team.
Pay is $300L weekly or 50 % commission of first rental payment
Your minimum payment will always be $300L or higher, if higher you will only earn comission.
Please read requorements below
If interested send a msg to :


Only serious enquires PLS

All agents have a probation period of 3 weeks.


*No Current Emplyement (you do NOT currently work in SL)

*Add Managment & Co-workers

*Join our Staff and Tenant Group

*Good communication skills ( We ask that you be able to read and write English well.)

*Avatar MUST be at least 1 yr of age

*Must have payment info on file

*Must be 18+ In RL

* Be able to login at least 4 days a week

*Be able to handle stress fairly well.

*Work well with others & Friendly!

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