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♪♫ Seeking More Active Friends ^-^


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I've been part of the Second Life community for approximately 70-75 days, and I've done quite a lot as far as involving myself in the communities that I partake in yet i find it hard to make friends that are actively logging onto SL.

Thus far into my SL endeavours : I've learned to, and got quite good at DJing, I currently have 3-4 shifts a week DJing at different clubs, I tried to partake in a family style RP - being an "adult child" of a family but that didnt' take off anywhere due to it being rather difficult finding people that were interested in such.


I enjoy spending time at clubs or simply floating around, I've got both a furry avatar and a human avatar, as I do wander around with both, although I'm predominantly furry. I'm interested in getting friends in all aspects of the game whether you're experienced or not. If you're interested in talking feel free to send me a friend request on SL @krash1989

Or reply here and I'll find you when I log on today in a few hours. :)

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I kinda want to do the family thing, but RPing in a city as a citizen, or any kinda "job" in the city is what I am trying to do at this time.

DJing does sound fun to get into as well over being a host/hostess. I've yet to get into any clubs yet, but I loved clubs back when I was on the grid a lot. I'm fine with furries and such, despite the fact I've had a few bad apples in the past on text baed RPs. 

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