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my collar has been locked by my mistress.......how do i remove?

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You don't say what sort of collar it is, which makes it difficult to help you.

Your collar should have a help button of some sort, which should tell you how to free yourself.   If the collar uses the Open Collar scripts, you want  Main Menu>Access>Runaway.

If all else fails, turn off RLV in your viewer and log out (or simply log out,, and log back in with the Official Viewer).   You can then remove the collar as you would any other attachment.   Rez it on the ground, select it, and then choose Build>Scripts>Reset Scripts from the viewer's menubar.    This should restor all the scripts to their factory settings.

Then renable RLV in the viewer (if you're not using the official viewer) and relog.

You should find your collar is now as good as new.

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