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Looking for a roommate - Free! Beautiful apartment with loft available.

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Hello there lovely people! I have one large loft area on the second floor of my appartment which is available for a single person to be my room mate!

The appartment is fully equiped with:

  • A fullly furnished living area with TV & other accesories
  • Large bathroom with shower & bathtub
  • Small kitchen with oven, stove and sink.
  • Two large bedrooms on the top and bottom floor. 

You will be able to furnish you bedroom anyway you wish, and if you don't own any furniture I'd be happy to furnish it for you from a selection of my own items.

Some rules, preferences, guidelines & misc:

  • Both Male & Female tennants are accepted.
  • No sex when I'm at home, but allowed when I'm not there.
  • Visitors & Friends are allowed but parties must be accepted by myself, so please ask in advance.
  • People who are experienced in RP, be it casual or paragraph RP are prefered as to allow a realistic flat experience.
  • Pets are allowed.
  • Roommate is preferred to be at-least 3-6 months old on SL.

Costs absolutely nothing! :) Yup! Free!

Please contact me with any enquiries and for a viewing of the apartment: Skyfie Resident 



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I'd be happy t coply with that rule, It isn't like there arnt places to go if you happen to be home. Send me a landmark I'd love to see it if its still available. I've been here a little longer than your idal amount of time but still under a year. I am an srtist and would love to have my art on you walls for your friends to see as well.


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I think this is really sweet and really cool. I can imagine the RP like coming home from college and just lounging around on the sofa together figuring out if we have enough take out for dinner or if we're ordering pizza. xD Sounds So cool 

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