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Avie neck protrusions glitch

Mareya Sands

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I haven't been on SL in a long time, just returned.  I just noticed my av has triangular things sticking out of her neck.  I KNOW they were not there in the past.  They move with the head, but it's not a hair issue - different hair, no hair, same thing.

So I tried different shapes and skins, and went through here outfit to remove anything that seemed even remotely head/neck associated, all to no avail.

I have a pic, but I don't know how to include it in this post.  The protrusions are almost as tall as her ears and maybe half as wide, and stick out just below the jawline and just forward of the ears.  They're dark brown in color.

Any idea what they are?  More important, how to get rid of them?  I'll keep poking around, but maybe someone has a suggestion or two.

Thanks very much.




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Hard to say without seeing it but it sounds like something that is being worn by your avi like an AO or other HUD that is supposed to be transparent but isn't.  Look at your "Worn", which depending on your viewer is a tab in your inventory or can be brought up by typing 'worn' in inventory search. 

Start taking objects off one by one and see if it disappears.

To post a photo edit your post and click Photos under the Rich Text tab.  Choose to Upload at the top of the box that opens.

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Mareya Sands wrote:

'Twas the hairbase.  There was no option for removing it, but I was able to Edit it and make it transparent.

There are a few basic pieces that all avatars must have at all times.  Skin, shape, eyes and hair base.  These can be replaced but cannot be removed.

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