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Silhouette avatars?


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I hate to ask because this sounds like such a noob question and I'm not...well, maybe a re-noob, but anyway...Why do some avatars show up properly and some all I see is a blank colored silhouette? They never rez, it happens even when there are no other avatars around, and nothing I do in preferences seems to make it any better.  Wah. 

These are real avatars mind you, not bots or some other non-avatar wierdnesses. Yes, I have mesh enabled. One dude switched from his head-in-a-jar to a regular guy and I could see him just fine. I wanted to check out his head-in-a-jar because I have the same one. I got to see it for a second while he was rezzing. It's a bummer.

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interesting to see Linden Lab posted this yesterday about jellydolls:


I've been going through my saved outfits to bring the complexity number down below 80,000 and in many cases can get to 30,000-35,000.

The worst offenders seem to be older jewellery items. I was absolutely shocked to discover that a pair of earrings and a necklace contributed a massive 73,000 between them. They will never be worn again. I've spent a lot on my avatar and I don't want to be a jellydoll to everyone.

For those with mesh bodies, refer to the MBA article here. Some results may shock you but thankfully my Lara body has the lowest count of all.


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