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Shops ready to rent! 20 - 30 Prims you can always add more if needed

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Main floor shops for 50L / Week with 30 Prims! Second Floor shops at 30L / Week with 20 Prims! Kiosk rentals at 100L / Month with 20 Prims! If you need more prims just let us know! Looking for a great place to display your latest designs and creations or to setup your re-seller shops? Come on over and see what we have to offer! Great to setup your in-world store for your marketplace sales for a low cost show area! The mall has been there for over 3 years!


Here to help! Creating a world within a world with no bounds. Contacts: Manager: Llaynie resident or Secret Rage or the Owner: Jason1 Draconia if you need help or have questions, thank you

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